Thursday, 13 March 2014

Usher Is Embarrassed By Justin Bieber’s Deposition Video Attitude!

Justin Bieber’s attitude in the deposition video was discussing!
But now the mane who made Bieber famous Usher has said that he was embarrassed by Bieber’s attitude!
An insider has said the following:
“Usher feels like the person that Justin has become is a complete embarrassment. Usher is certainly a mentor to Justin but he feels that Justin has gone off the rails and hasn’t listened to his advice. Usher is now taking things to the point that Justin has to live and learn. Tough love is the remedy he thinks Justin needs.”
Usher tried talking to Justin but it clearly didn’t work.
The source carried on in saying:
“He can’t really reason with Justin over his actions. He has tried, but overall [he] has his own career to worry about. Usher makes money off of Justin, which is true, but Usher also has enough money that Justin isn’t his main focus either.”
Usher has hlptsd Justin so muh and really he has thrown in back into his face.
He really needs to start taking advice from his peers.

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