Saturday, 1 March 2014

Topshop Let Beyonce Shop For Free For Three Hours!!

Beyonce may have spend millions like we spend pounds but they didn’t stop her from shopping at high street shop Topshop.
The singer was also told by shop staff that everything she wanted was completely free and she didn't have to pay a penny.
Bey was in the show for three hours and was personally invited by Sir Phillip Green to 'take whatever she wanted from their store in Piccadilly Circus, central London on Thursday.
Beyonce is in the capital at the moment because she is perfuming her Mrs Carter World Tour at the O2 arena tonight but she still managed to find time to shop.
A source has reported:
'Topshop boss Sir Philip Green had personally invited Beyoncé to go and take whatever she wanted.
'She decided to go on Thursday on a night off from her Mrs Carter Tour and took along her entourage and baby. Bey picked up clothes for herself, friends, family and her daughter, all for free.'
Another source told The Sun:
'The star and her team were also given a sneak peek of Kate Moss' new Topshop collection, due out later this year. By the time they left, unnoticed by passers by, and headed back to her hotel, it was gone midnight.'
That would be music to most peoples ears but Beyonce must be use to freebies.
To be fair she most likely could by the whole of Topshop anyways.

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