Monday, 3 March 2014

Susanna Reid Hints About Her Love Life By Tweeting A Photo of A Broken Love Heart On Twitter!

Over the last few weeks so much about BBC Breakfast’s Susanna Reid’s relationship status has played out in the press.
But now the presenter has hinted that her relationship with  long-term partner Dominic Cotton is over by tweeting a photo of a broken love heart on Twitter.
Along wight he photo she tweeted:
 ‘Real Love’, 
‘This is what it all comes down to – a bit broken, knocked about, but...’
But now an insider has told Daily Mirror:
‘Two weeks ago everything seemed fine,’
‘Yet fast forward a fortnight and it’s all over and Dom is seemingly now on a dating website.’
We wonder what’s going on with her relationship??
It will most likely come out in the press because these things always do.

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