Saturday, 29 March 2014

Sam Faiers To Quite The Only Way Is Essex Because She 'Feel’s The Time Is Come To Leave!'

She’s been on the show dice day one.
But now it seems like Sam Faiers has had enough on being on The Only Way Is Essex and has decided to quit.
A friend of the reality star has told The Sun:
"She feels it's time to go.
"She's had a great time but doesn't want to have relationships just for air time."
"She's looking forward to her relationship not being there for everyone to judge," the insider added.
The trouble is her relationships will still be played out in the public eye because you know what the media is like.
As you may know in the show her most famous relationship was with Joey Essex and now they are no longer together so could it have something to do with the pressures of the show putting a strain on their relationship.
Will you miss Sam not being on the show?

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