Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Rihanna Has Become Addicted To Wotsits!

rihanna suspenders 2
Rihanna is addicted to lots of things but this new addiction is completely legal!
The singer has been said to be addicted to Wotsits lol.
It’s been reported that she grabs a bag of the cheesy treats at every opportunity and she was even said to have been ordering them by the box load  in London's Café Royal during her tour in the capital.
A source from the hotel has told Sunday People:
"Rihanna's love for Wotsits has caused much laughter among the staff. They find it very funny that the star would be so hooked on them.
"We're not just talking the odd packet here and there - she wants boxes of them on hand for whenever she fancies them. It is utterly bizarre but she just can't get enough of them."
We can completely agree with her addiction.
But the thing is will she still have the body she has if she keeps the habit up??

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