Thursday, 6 March 2014

Pharrell Williams’ Grammy Hat Sells For $44,100 On eBay!

Pharrell Williams Is Selling His Famous Hat For Charity On eBay!
Pharrell Williams has one of the most famous hats in the world right now but it’s not going to be his for much longer.

The singer has been selling the hat that he wore to the Grammy Awards, Brit Awards and lots of other events on eBay and now the auction has closed.

The hat sold for a whopping $44,100 and Pharrell thanked the person who punched the hat on Twitter as he tweeted:
The hat was punched by Arby who are a sandwich company  in America and when they saw Pharrell’s tweet they decided to reply:
It’s good to know that the hat has gone to a good home and raised all that money for charity.

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