Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Oprah Winfrey: "Who Is Gary Barlow?"

Most celebrities know who Gary Barlow is but now Oprah Winfrey!
Gary was perfoming at the Oscar’s Weinsteins' Academy Awards party when Oprah asked:
Who is that Gary Bailey? Is he a big deal in your country? He's on a reality show or in a boyband?"
But Gary didn’t seem that bothered as he was soon to leave the party to head back to the UK as he said:
"It's not really my thing. When I'm away on big trips like this I've got the missus in my ear saying, 'When are you coming home, hurry up!' It's not worth the grief - and I would rather be back at home with the family."
We at least Oprah knows who he is now LOL.

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