Sunday, 16 March 2014

Nicole Scherzinger And Lewis Hamilton Are Engaged!

He’s already asked her three times before but now Nicole Scherzinger has ’actepted’ Lewis Hemilton’s propels of marriage!
The couple on got back together at the start of this year after they split last year and now it’s been reported that they are set to marry this summer in August at Hamilton’s Switzerland mansion.
A source has told the Daily Star:
‘Lewis is doing his best to keep the news under wraps but he is absolutely delighted,’ 
‘The plan is they are going to live together in Switzerland and travel together when Lewis is racing. Of course, this means her career will have to take a back seat for a while but she is ready to support him on the track.’
‘It is the ideal plan for the both of them and will hopefully lead to a big summer wedding in August when Lewis has a three-week break from his F1 schedule.’
She finally said yes!!

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