Monday, 3 March 2014

Nick Grimshaw Rushed To Hospital After Swallowing Glass On His Radio Show!

This morning Nick Grimshaw was rushed to hospital after he swallowed a piece of glass on his BBC Radio 1 Breakfast show.
The radio DJ was forced to leave his radio show 40 minuets early to attend the hospital where he had a emergency X-ray.
Fellow DJ Fearne Cotton was on hand to stand in for the wacky presenter while he was at the hospital.
She told the listers:
"He's going to be absolutely fine. He's just gone to hospital to have a little check."
Grimmy then got the all fine from the hospital and tweeted:
“Went to hospy, had X-rays, coughed it up, all fine now. I can eat glass in a circus now if all else fails."
We knew his radio show was mad but we didn’t think it was that mad.

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