Saturday, 22 March 2014

Michelle Keegan Is Too Tanned To Film Her Coronation Street Death Scene!

Michelle Keegan is famous for her good looks and her tanned skin.
But now it’s been causing her trouble because she was too tamed to play a dead person on Coronation Street because she is currently filming her death scene!
The actress has been on holiday with her fiancé Mark Wright and is even tanned then normal.
On Tuesday Michelle attended a celebrity even in London and spoke to M.E.N's Dianne Bourne and she said:
‘I was only away for a week and wore the highest factor sunscreen to protect my skin, but I just tan so easily.
‘The only problem now is I need my tan to fade - and fast!
‘I’ve only got four more weeks left on Corrie and so it will soon be the death scenes, so I literally need to be as white as a sheet.
‘I’m praying there isn’t more sunshine in Manchester in the next few weeks, because I’m going to have to stay indoors if there is.’
Keegan then said:
‘If I don’t fade it will just be a case of lots of make-up to make me look paler.'
They will have to use loads of make-up to make her white.
it will be weird to see Michelle without her tan.

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