Friday, 7 March 2014

Liza Minnelli Talks About Ellen DeGeneres’ Drag Queen Joke!

Ellen DeGeneres Gets Labeled ‘Transphobic' After She Joked About Liza Minnelli Looking Like A Drag Performer At The Oscars!
If you remember back to the Oscars on Sunday evening when host Ellen DeGeneres’ joked about Liza Minnelli looking like a ‘drag queen’.
Well now Liza has talked about the comment and said that she found it funny!
Minnelli said:
"I think she thought it would be funny, but she never stopped after she said it and said, 'My friend Liza Minnelli.' So I think it went a little astray on her. I don't think she meant any harm at all. She's a wonderful lady."
We agree with Liza!
She didn’t mean no harm at all.
Ellen is very funny and a bit of a comedian and also going by the selfie she had with Liza she captioned it with ‘#Besties’ so clearly no hard feeling. 

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