Saturday, 1 March 2014

Justin Bieber’s Dad Splits From His Wife! Has Been Spending Lots Of Time With Bieber NOT A GOOD IDEA!!!

Justin Bieber’s Dad Tweets His Love After Being Charged For DUI
Justin Bieber’s father, Jeremy Bieber has split from his wife Erin Wagner, who is the mother of two kids, Jaxon, 4, and Jazmyn, 5.
But this is not good at all because he has been spending a lot more time with Justin and you would have thought that this was a good thing but now at all!!
Jeremy is not the best of influences as he was the on who blocked off the road to let Justin drag race the night he was arrested.
We are still unclear why they have split up but maybe they could try and work things out just for Jaxon and Jazmyn?!

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