Thursday, 20 March 2014

Justin Bieber Poses With Fan Who Waited 24 HOURS Outside A Recording Studio To Meet Him!

Justin Bieber’s fans are so loyal to him but now a fan has taken it to the next level.
Justin has shared a photo of him with a young fan who waited 24 hours to meet him outside of a recording studio on Tuesday.
The young girl had been waiting to have a photo with her idol for soooooo long her phone battery died so Justin decided to take the photo on his own personal phone and share it to his millions of Instagram followers.
Along with the photo the trouble teenager said:
‘Met this beautiful fan who waited outside for 24 hours her phone died so I told her I got her back ;)’.
Justin was in the recording studio for 24 hours so she must have just missed him when he walked in.
We know this because along with a selfie Justin said:
‘Been in the studio for over 24 hours’.
That fan really is dedicated!
It shows good things come to those who wait!

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