Sunday, 9 March 2014

Joey Essex Confirms He’s Bac Dating Sam Faiers!

They split up at the end of last year but now Joey Essex and Sam Faiers have announced they are back dating!
The reality star admitted he still had strong feelings for Sam and that’s why they started dating again.
Joey told The Sun:
‘Obviously me and Sam do have feelings for each other. I have been seeing her again.’
Joey then said that he started texting Sam straight after she was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and she stared texting back.
The day she was diagnosed Joey went to Sam’s house to see her and has been round lots of times after that.
He carried on in saying:
‘I haven’t had serious girlfriend other than her. We’ll always be close. She’s a very strong girl, Sam,’ he shared.
Really they both haven’t been happy since they split so it’s great news that they are back together!

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