Monday, 10 March 2014

Jessie J Shows Off Her Toned Tummy In New Instagram Pic!

Jessie J loves to work out and keep her body in tip top condition.
But now she has shared a photo of her online showing off her tiny tummy.
Also in the photo Jessie showed off her tiny gab as she admitted that she is trying to get her thighs back!:
'Trying to get those thighs back! Right diet and loads of leg days at my own pace! Slow, but worth it. I don't wanna be a toothpick.'
She carried on in tweeting:
'I'm naturally very slim, so it's not easy but I'm trying and that's better than nuffink! @nikewomen we can do it! We all different we all can be fit and strong'(sic),
Nice bit of advertising.
Wonder how much she got for including Nike into the tweet??

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