Thursday, 20 March 2014

Jessie J Shares Her Beauty Secrets And it Only Cots £3.50!

With he amount on money Jessie J must have you would have though that she would have the most expensive beauty regime but that’s not the case.
The singer has shared her beauty regime and it only cots £3.50.
In a recent Instagram photo Jessie showed off her at-home facial treatment, Oilatum Cream, which only cots just over £3.
Along with the photo she said:
‘No make-up. No filter. Just good Oilatum cream sinking into my face. NYC dried my skin out and I find this keeps my skin moisturised but not oily,’ 
‘Hair mask on, pedicure, exfoliated my skin then put coconut oil on my body. Feels good to be home.’
Jessie has been working in New York for the last week or so and it seems like it’s taking it’s tole on her skin.
Good to know that she’s not spending thousands of pounds on beauty products!

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