Thursday, 6 March 2014

Jack Whitehall, Greg James And Matt Lucas Are Just Some Celebrity's To Try And Save BBC3!

It’s the cannel that made them famous but now Jack WhitehallMatt LucasRussel Kane and lots of other celebs are trying their hardest to save BBC3.
Yesterday afternoon we told you that BBC are going to be axing BBC3 channel to save money and have the channel on the BBC iPlayer.
Matt tweeted:
 ‘Hearing horrible rumours about the possible closure of BBC3. This would be really bad for new comedy. Like, REALLY bad. #SaveBBC3
Jack Whitehall aired his views as she said:
‘I really hope reports that the BBC may kill BBC3 are just rumours. There support of new comedy in particular is vital! #saveBBC3′
Russel said:
‘If @bbcthree is really under threat, so is much of the UK’s new comedy. This place is THE crucible of upcoming comedic artists. #SaveBBC3
‘Yet again. Young people don’t get a proper voice in the cutbacks. Save @bbcthree. Sometimes making a noise works. Make noise. #savebbc3′
Radio 1 DJ Greg James then aired his views saying:
 ‘Such a load of balls if the rumours about BBC3 being axed are true.Genuinely brilliant new comedy + live music needs that platform #SaveBBC3′
It’s ashamed that the channel is going because it’s brought us so much entertainment. 
Maybe they should keep BBC3 and get rid of BBC Four.

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