Monday, 3 March 2014

Ellen Degeneres Gets mixed Reviews About Her Hosting The Oscars But Pleases With The Selfie And The Pizza

Ellen DeGeneres’s Oscar Selfie Breaks Twitter As It Receives Over Two MILLION Retweets!!
She may host her own TV show every day but last night at the Oscar’s her presenting skills received mixed reviews.
But one thing that Ellen Degeneres did get good reviews for was the ‘selfie that brook Twitter’ and the pizza that she ordered to the stars in the audience.
USA Today said that the selfie:
‘spread infectious delight through the room’.
Also on Sky News today presenter Kay Burley described the pizza ordering as a ‘masterstroke’ as she carried on in saying:
'I thought she was epic. Just the right mix of informed wit and banter. For me she was ten out of ten.’
Donald Trump tweeted:
‘'I should host the #Oscars just to shake things up - this is not good!'
Hollywood Reporter said the following:
‘As a television event, this year's Oscars was more like an endurance test - turgid, badly directed, poorly produced and featuring an endless string of tired or wince-inducing moments from host Ellen DeGeneres.
‘Even the best comedians have off nights. Even paragons of happiness and good cheer come out and tank - as DeGeneres did with her opening jokes that seemed oddly mean spirited for her (poor Liza Minnelli) and set a flat tone that the telecast could never overcome.’
We have to say Ellen did do a good job and you have to remember she is Hollywood royalty.

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