Thursday, 20 March 2014

Documentary Maker Louis Theroux Gets Attacked By A ‘Weaponised' Dog

He’s made so many hard hitting documentaries over the years.
But this weekend Louis Theroux returned to our screens for a new series exploring Los Angeles canine population.
But recently Louis was talking about while he was filming the new series he visits a training school in Compton where he looked at ‘weaponised’ dogs and the experience left him very shaken.
Theroux came in close contact with a Dutch shepherd who was trained to bit the arm with the cuff on but it still was very scary for Louis.
Talking to Radio Times he admitted:
"I felt total fear,"
"Those dogs are trained to maim anyone that wishes to do their owner harm - my heart was beating so fast I thought it was going to burst out of my chest. I'd like to think I was quite brave to do it. Usually, we'd have a recce beforehand, but this was a spur of the moment decision. I just thought, 'Well, this is the moment I have to experience the terror of being mauled by a dog that's been trained to be weaponised.'"
The story then turned funny as he admitted:
"My other concern was that my trousers were going to fall down. I was wearing those fashionable jeans that are tight around the leg but baggy at the top, so I have one padded arm being bitten by Prowler and the other trying to keep my trousers up. I was panicking that BBC2 viewers were going to end up seeing my underwear."
It must have been very scary!
Catch the clip below.

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