Friday, 14 March 2014

Chris Tarrant Suffers A Mini Stroke On a Recent Flight!

We told you a few weeks back that TV presenter Chris Tarrant was rushed to hospital after he told Cabin crew on a flight that he was feeling unwell.
Well now it’s been said that he suffered a stoke and has spent a week in hospital.
Chris had symptoms of a stroke or transient ischaemic attack, after he suffered 
numbness in the face and limbs, and slurred speech that last for less than 24 hours.
Tarrant’s manager Paul Vaughan has said the following:
‘It was quite a shock, but now he just wants to get back home.
‘He’s in good spirits. He is hugely grateful for the care he has received and all the kind wishes he has been receiving on a daily basis.’
‘He's speaking very well, he's moving, he's walking and wanting to go out and about. He doesn’t like lying in hospital. It’s all very positive. The doctors have been wanting to make certain everything was all right.’
He’s really been though the wars the last few weeks.

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