Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Cheryl Cole Stars A Strict Diet To Get Into Shape For The X Factor

Cheryl Cole has never been ‘fat’ in her life but now we have learnt that she is staying off the drunk food and starting a strict diet to get into shape for the X Factor.
Chezz has been going to the gym regularly and just trying to get her body into tip top condition.
A source has reported to OMG Yahoo:
"Cheryl’s slim anyway but she has parts she really doesn’t like and wants to get her legs looking a lot leaner and tone her arms more so she can wear cutaway clothes."
Another source has also reported:
"She has a really sweet tooth but has banned all cupcakes and biscuits which she usually allows herself in controlled doses but no more."
"She’s getting her sweet ‘ kick ‘ from flavoured E cigs and that’s it.
Well if she’s going to get into them dress that Nicole Scherzinger wore last year on the show she needs to be as thin as possible.

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