Friday, 21 March 2014

Casey Batchelor Has £700 Fat-Freezing Treatment Before He Recent Holiday

With Casey Batchelor being in the public eye she want to have the best body she can possible get.
But now it’s been reviled that she had a £700 fat freezing treatment before her holiday to Marrakesh.
Casey had the fat freezing treatment to get rid of the excess fat so she can fit into tiny  bikinis and have a good body when she’s getting papped.
The treatment Casey had is an hour long and involves freezing any bit of fat you don’t want on your body.
Along with he photo she said:
'@LoveLiteUk having a lovely time having lipoglaze. Summer here I come :)'.
Casey had the treatment in Harley Street and has been used by many other celebs including Ricky Rayment and Bobby Norris, as well as Made In Chelsea stars Binky FelsteadLouise Thompson and Ashley James.

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