Monday, 24 March 2014

Ant McPartlin Gets Put Into A Headlock As He Goes For A Meal With His Mum!

Ant McPartlin was grabbed and put into a headlock as he went for a meal with his mother Christine.
Ant was at the Old Station House gastropub in Chiswick, London, when yobs grabbed hold of him and put him in a headlock while other men pushed his mother to the ground.
A source has reported to The Sun:
‘The youths were banging on the window, filming them and generally being a pain — and they just wouldn’t let it lie.
‘Ant was completely reasonable and said, “Leave it out, lads, I’m just having a quiet meal.”
‘But it immediately turned really nasty and one of them jumped on him and put him in a head-lock.’
A whitness said that Ant was left ‘furious and shaken.’
The television presenter called the police but by the time the police arrived it was too lake and the men had made a run for it.
Hopefully they will catch them.

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