Thursday, 13 March 2014

Amanda Bynes Denies Having Two Twitter Account In A Different Name!

Amanda Bynes has been doing great since she’s been receiving treatment.
But now it appears she has a secret Twitter account.
The actress’s secret account is under the name of @PersianLA27, and along with a photo that she tweeted (above) she tweeted:
New sketch ~ FYI This is my only twitter account, I have no secret twitter accounts. Xoxo Amanda
Bynes has been rumoured so many times to have secret Twitter account and has denied the rumours but now it seems like she could have been telling a little prokie.
One week before she posted the big photo above she posted the little photo on her secret @PersianLA27 account.
When you look closely you can see that it’s the same paper.
We wonder how many accounts she has??

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