Tuesday, 18 February 2014

TV Show Splash! Is Facing Being Axed Because Of Falling Ratings!

It’s only been on our screens for two series now but ITV’s Splash! is facing being axed after the ratings fail to keep.
On the first show of the series that has just ended it received over 4 million views but has now dropped to a very low 2 million.
The final of the series was on Saturday just gone that saw dancer from Diversity Perri Kiely crowned the winner.
A source has told the Sun:
'Splash! has been great fun and really captured the mood after the 2012 Olympics but ITV aren’t sure it will stand the test of time.

'At the moment they’re looking at ideas to replace it as well as more ideas for Tom Daley.'
Like lots of people have said all the show is is driving into a pool and being judged.
It’s not like X Factor and The Voice where you have to have a talent to go far on th show.
It’s not hard to jump of a board into a pool of water.

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