Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Tulisa Partys With Friend Who Helped Her Get Her Life ‘Back On Track!'

She been in and out of court so many times over the last couple of months but putting her troubles behind her Tulisa went partying with some friends.
The singer was on a night out with celebrity psychic Alex Thornhill's for her birthday who is also known as Psychik Alex.
Tulisa looked very glam dressed in a black dress along with her newly dyed hair.
She tweeted on Twitter that night:
'We had a sick night b***heeees happy birthday @psychik_alex luv uuuuu xxx.'
The posted the pic about and cautioned it with:
'Love how @psychik_alex is throwing up fingers bussing London swag In this pic.'
A source has reported to The Mirror that Alex has helped her get her life back on track.
A friend too the paper:
'Alex has given Tulisa a few readings now and can see nothing but a positive outcome for her friend.'

That’s what Tulisa needs someone to keep her in hand and to stay out of legal trouble.

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