Friday, 21 February 2014

TOWIE Star James 'Arg' Argent Gets Slammed For Saying He Cheated On Lydia Bright With Amy Childs

Their relationship was a joke in The Only Way Is Essex but now James Argent has been slammed for repadly cheating on Lydia Bright with Amy Childs.
James has said that he cheated on Lydia in the toilets with Amy at an ITV Christmas party! 
A source has said:
'He's definitely making it out to be more than it was.'

'It was three years ago, and he definitely wasn't with Lydia at the time,'
Talking while he was promoting the new series of the reality show James who is also know as Arge said:
'I've never revealed this before but I actually cheated on Lydia with Amy Childs’ James told The Daily Star. 'It was in the toilets at an ITV party. Sam Faiers walked in on us,'

'It happened when I was with Lydia. I didn't sleep with Amy but we kissed and I got caught.'
We like the way it’s all came out now when it happened in 2011 or 2012.
Why hasn’t he told the story before??

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