Thursday, 6 February 2014

Tina Malone Wants ANOTHER Baby Just Months After Giving Birth At The Age Of 51

Tina Malone Shows Off Her New Born Baby Flame For The First Time On This Morning
She’s been really public about her dreams of becoming a mother at the age of 51 who gave birth a couple of months ago but now actress Tina Malone has admitted that she wants to have another baby.
Tina underwent IVF treatment so she could have a child with her husband Paul Chase, 32 and has appeared on ITV’s This Morning many times to update viewers on her journey.

Speaking to Closer, Tina said:
"The love Paul and I feel for Flame is overwhelming.

"We've even talked about trying for another baby next year. I may be 51, but I'm not slowing down anytime soon. I'd love to expand my family."
Tina has always recommended women having children at a older age making people judge her but at the end of the day if she’s happy who rate we to judge?

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