Friday, 14 February 2014

Teenager Get His CD Collection Seized Because He Plays Adele’s Album Too Loud!

A teenager has had his entire collection of CD seized after he kept on playing Adele’s 21 album on so loud it would shake the stairs and upset the neighbours.
The boy, Thomas Alcock from west Yorkshire seemed really shocked as the police went into his flat to take the CD collection.
Prosecutor Samantha Lawton has told magistrates in Huddersfield that Tomas was given a noise abatement on November 2 last year, after they received two complaints from his neighbours about the noise that was coming out of his flat.
She said:
'The music was prominent, intrusive and at a very high level.
'It could be heard through the whole house and it was impossible to relax and watch TV.'
The teenager was warned that his collection would be taken away if they received more completes but it clear didn’t work because the neighbours where woken one night at 1.30am.
One of the neighbours said:
'The music was very loud and they could identify the singer as Adele.
'The music was so loud it was vibrating the handrails to the stairwell.'
Well at least now his neighbours will be able to sleep without Adele playing in the early hours lol.

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