Monday, 17 February 2014

Simon Cowell's First Words To Baby Eric "I've Waited All My Life For You"

Simon Cowell Shares Photo Of His New Born Baby Eric! 2With the new birth of his son on Friday Simon Cowell has admitted that his first words to the little one was:
"I've Waited All My Life For You"
A source has told the Sun:
 “Everyone shed tears of joy.”
Another source close to the pair said:
“It was a very emotional day for them and such a special moment when the baby arrived.
“There were happy tears shed by everyone, including Simon. Eric is absolutely amazing and they’re all so delighted. He’s very handsome and Simon and Lauren are completely besotted. Simon was at Lauren’s side the entire time and he told her it was the best day of his life.”
It’s so sweet!
Simon is already seeming like a good dad but the thing is we never though of his as a father it seems so wierd.

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