Thursday, 20 February 2014

Sam Faiers Diagnosed With Crohn’s Disease

She has been ill for weeks now and no one knew what was the matter with her until now.
The Only Way Is Essex star Sam Faiers has been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease after being ill for the last six weeks.
The illness is a inflammatory bowl disease and that’s the reason why she has been looking so unwell and losing so much weight.
Sam has lost a whopping stone and a half in a matter of weeks and she wasn’t very big any way so her weight is falling very dangerously.
The TOWIE babe has had abdominal pain, weight loss and ulcers, and you can tell that she hasn’t been well because we haven’t seen her party on a weekend.
A source has told The Mirror:
“She is suffering from lots of ulcers, so she needs to give them time to heal before she looks at the long term effects of the diagnosis.
“At the moment, she is just trying to cope with the excruciating stomach cramps. That has been the most difficult thing. Now, she is working with her gastroenterologist to see if she can work around her illness,”
The source also adds:
“Sam won’t let things hold her back, she’s dealing with it in the best way she can. She knows she can’t change anything, but she can educate herself about the disease,”
Sam will suffer periods of ill heal but nothing serious now they know what the problem is.

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