Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Phillip Schofield Tucks Into Creepy Crawlies On This Morning

On todays This Morning a guest called Peter Bickerton appeared on the show who eat’s  creepy crawlies for health benefits and not to be left out show’s host Phillip Schofield decided to join in.

 Phillip tucked into the bugs with Peter much to the disgust of fellow host Holly Willoughby who couldn’t watch the pair tuck in.

 Holly turned to the window while Phillip ate the creepy crawlies and could not get over what she was witnessing. Phillip ate a locus and described it as ‘pork scratchings without the pork and very piney’ and said it’s 'very tough’.

They also had a pizza on the show that had locus sparkled on the top. The silver fox tweeted:

We can just see Schofe tucking in to a plate full of mealworms along with his glass of wine. Peter said that he would like to see creepy crawlies sold in supermarkets.

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