Thursday, 27 February 2014

One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson This Harry Styles Is A Good Boyfriend!

The One Direction have had so many relationships over the few years they have been famous but now band member Louis Tomlinson has opened up about their relationships.
No doubt Harry Styles has been in the most relationships out of all five of the boys but now Louis has sad that he thinks Harry is a good boyfriend.
Talking about Harry he said:
“I think we are actually all pretty good boyfriends. We’re definitely romantic. When we actually get to be with our girlfriends, we just want to do the normal stuff we never get to do, like watching crap TV together and staying in.” 
“It’s definitely harder, but I think we’re in relationships because we want to be in them… We want to make them work [so] you only get distracted if you want to be distracted.” 

Harry is so young and has already been in so many relationships but they never last.
Maybe being in the media has something to do with it.

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