Saturday, 22 February 2014

Niall Horan Got Stuck In A Lift At The Brit Awards AND Had His Crutches Stolen

At the Brit awards on Wednesday Niall Horan was hobbling around on crutches because he is recovering from a knee operation.
Well now we have learnt that the One Direction singer got stuck in a lift at London’s O2 arena.
A source has reported toThe Sun:
“Niall was with his security heading up to the party when the lift stalled for nearly five minutes.
“He was quite scared. One guy in the lift tried to film him and Niall asked his minders to ask him to delete the video.”
But that wasn’t it because some joker decided to take his crutches so he couldn’t walk around lol.
The crutches where taken at the Brit’s after party but thankfully they where soon returned.
It’s good to know that Niall got out of the lift quickly because he’s claustrophobic.

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