Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Mark Wright Becomes A Drag Queen In His New Reality Show Party Wright Around The World

He’s might be famous for his looks but him dressed up as a drag queen is slightly unflattering.
In a new ITV2 series Mark Wright is going around the world seeing how different countries party and during the corse of the series we will see Mark Dress up as a drag queen, strip down to his underwear and party lots.
Dressed in a red wig and a big sparkly red dress with lots of makeup on park proved that he can add drag queen to the list of his talents.
Mark’s new series is called Party Wright Around The World and viewers will get a glimpse into the party life of people around the world.
Talking about becoming a drag queen in the show he told the Daily Star:
'I tried to get out of it. I spoke to the producer and someone at ITV. But they all wanted me to do it.
'So I said I wanted to speak to Michelle. I honestly thought she would tell me not to do it but she just laughed!
'I'm glad I did it. I had the biggest hair, the biggest lips. I looked like Lily Savage.'
What do you think of Mark as a drag queen?
Future career??

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