Friday, 21 February 2014

Lucy Beale To Be ‘Killed Off’ In EastEnders For The 30TH Anniversary!

Over the year so many actresses have played Lucy Beale but now the Eastenders have decided to kill the character off for their 30th anniversary! 
Lucy is currently played by actress Hetti Bywater and she will be killed off over easter as she gets murdered.
The murder will take place on month before ITV's Coronation Street will air the death of barmaid Tina McIntyre, played by Michelle Keegan.
The BBC want to bost the rating of the show.
A insider has told The Sun:
'It's been so cleverly plotted that it isn't a typical whodunnit. It's going to be raw, emotional and gritty.
'It will see her dad Ian start to question how well he really knew his daughter as secrets will spill out after her death.
'But one Walford resident has a very dark secret about it and viewers will be kept guessing for the rest of the year.'
That’s the trouble with the soaps they all try and beat one and other.
But the question is who will win the ratings Eastenders or Coronation Street??

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