Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Longleat Safari Park Put Down SIX Of Their Lions Including 4 Cubs Because Of Over Crowding!

It’s come just a day after it was announced that Copenhagen Zoo killed a perfectly health Giraffe infrount of viewing public but now Longleat Safari Park in Wiltshire have admitted putting six of their lions down.
Reports have said that staff where in tears as 1 male, 1 female and  of their cubs where distorted for no reason!!
The safari park managers have said that the poor animals where distorted because of ‘health risks’ after a population increase led to violent behaviour.

It’s been said that just three weeks before zoo staff decided to kill the animals the male, Harry who was killed was playing happily and trying to jump up in the tree.
The female, Louisa, was a happy female lion and was also famous because she appeared on the hit series Animal Park what aired on BBC 2 what was a long running series about Longleat.
Louisa came from a zoo called Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm at Wraxall in Somerset in 2011 and now they have released a statement about hearing the news that Longleat decided to put her to sleep:
‘We have been told nothing. Apart from health problems, I can’t think of any other reason why a lion like Louisa would have to be put down. We will be contacting Longleat for more information.’
One of the worlds leading big cat keepers consultant vet John Knight has said that he is ‘baffled’ to hear the news:
‘On the face of it this seems like an odd thing to do. Longleat would not take such a decision lightly because they know how much it would upset their keepers.’
‘This could be part of a conservation programme. It is a debatable reason for putting down a lioness and  her cubs but until all the details emerge it is difficult to understand their thinking.
‘Most zoos have a contraceptive programme in place and manage to control populations perfectly well.
‘That’s why this seems a bit odd, in a way. It’s just not a problem that most zoos experience. It does seem such a shame that so many young animals have been involved.’
The male lion was put to seek in early January of this year but a former employee said that their was no reason for him to be killed:
‘I don’t think there was a reason to do it. He had been vasectomised so he couldn’t breed. Henry could have been sold to another zoo.
‘It all happened while the park was closed for the winter so no one knew what was going on.  A lot of people who know what happened are very upset and angry.’
Longleat have yet to comment on the news.
Haven’t they heard of other zoo?
This is completely discussing what we want to know is what else’s goes on behind close doors in zoos?

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