Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Longleat Respond To Their Decision To Kill SIX Of Their Lions!

Earlier today we told you that Longleat Safari Park decided to kill six of their african lions because they where causing trouble in the group well now a spokesperson has defended their decision.
They said:
‘There has been a large increase in pregnancies among the lions, resulting in a 40 per cent increase in population. This has resulted in excessive violent behaviour, putting 21 of them at risk.
‘Sadly one lion, Henry, had to be put down earlier this year due to injuries from an attack within the enclosure. The further lions referred to were put down due to associated and severe health risks.
‘A further five lions from this enclosure will be moved to other premises. Longleat takes the utmost care in trying to protect the welfare and safety of all its animals.
We have to say we agree with with the big cat experts had to say and not Longleat.
Click HERE to see what the experts said about this story.

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