Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Lady Gaga Tickets Go On Sale And Sell Out In Minuets Then Are Re-Sold For £700 Online!

Today tickets for Lady Gaga’s artRave 2014 tour went on sale but many fans where left disappointed after they sold out within minuits!
Today only O2 Priority customers could get their hands on the tickets and the rest of the UK can get them on Friday.
Lots of the tickets have been re-sold on tickets sites online i.e Seatwave and are priced and selling for £700 EACH!!
The main price of the tickets where from £35 - £90.00 so it looks like the people reselling them are going to make one heck of a profit!
This is completely mad because if you pay £835 you can go backstage meet Gaga, have a photo and autograph, get her merchandise and have tickets near the stage or just pay £700 for a ticket right at the back.
One fan spoke of her disappointment about not getting the tickets:
'It's ridiculous. I spent ages waiting on the O2 Priority website trying to buy a ticket but kept being told they weren't available and then they sold out so quickly.
'Then I find them being sold on websites and by people on Twitter for much more than their face value.
'It's so annoying because genuine fans like me get ripped off.'
One thing we can say about Gaga is whenever she goes on Tour chaos happens LOL.

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