Monday, 3 February 2014

Kerry Katona Denies Rumours That She’s Facing Bankruptcy For The Third Time!

Their have been so many rumours that Kerry Katona is facing bankruptcy for thee third time but now she has denied the rumours.
A source has said:
'This story is completely untrue. Kerry is up to date with her rent, which is nothing like £5,000 pounds a month. She would also not ever be able to take out a pay day loan. She is living within her means and is looking forward to the future.'
Another source said to The Sun:
'She lives beyond her means. She's negotiated a £50,000 magazine deal for her wedding but that's not until the summer... and money from ITV's The Big Reunion has dried up.'
Kerry said recently:
'As with every family after Christmas, money is tight. But that's every year, whether I'm bankrupt or not. We all know I'm not rolling in it but I'm doing my best to get back on top'.
Kerry has been bankrupt so many times that the papers just report she is lol.

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