Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Katy Perry To Get Her Own Jewellery Line For Claire’s!

With millions of teenagers worldwide loving Katy Perry she has decided to make her own jewellery line for teenagers in Claire’s Accessories.
The new line will be released worldwide so all her loyal fans will be able to get their hands on Katy’s designs.
CEO of Claire’s, Jim Fielding, had this to say:
“When we survey our girls around the world, she’s the superstar that resonates globally. We’ve done smaller deals and always carried different products. Katy is our big one. Katy is designing a line of jewelry and accessories that she wanted to make for her fans. The overlap between her fans and the Claire’s customer is a great overlap. Katy is a very smart businesswoman and a great performer. She knows her brand very well. She has a definite aesthetic and point of view.” 
Katy has just singed a two year deal that will go along with her Prism tour and the new line will be called Katy Perry Prism collection.
We can see this flying of the shelves when it’s released.

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