Thursday, 20 February 2014

Katy Perry Says Having 50 Million Twitter Followers Is “Terrifying"

Katy Perry has recently become the most followed person on Twitter.
But now the singer has spoke about her 50 million followers on the social networking site and said that it “terrifies” her.
Talking in a interview with Ryan Seacrest the singer admitted:
“It’s really terrifying sometimes, I’ll admit,”
“Oh my gosh, can you imagine if my butt tweets itself!?”
“To tell you the truth, I’m double checking when I tweet a picture,” “I’m like, don’t tweet that picture of that zit that you took that you wanted to send off to your friends - that’s not the picture you’re trying to tweet!”
It is a big pressure when you have that amount of followers because half of Twitters population and going to see the photo or tweet.

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