Friday, 14 February 2014

Justin Bieber Is Completely Mad Over Miley Cyrus Advice!

Miley Cyrus has been giving advice to Justin Bieber but sadly he hasn’t taken it very well.
Justin has reportedly kicked off about the advice that Miley gave on her 30th appearance on The Tonight Show, because Miley suggested that Justin gives some of his millions to people who need the money.
A source has reported:
"Miley's comments infuriated The Biebs, who phoned the next day and warned her to keep her f**king mouth shut! Justin was furious." 
But Bieber’s reaction has really shocked most people including Miley as the source carried on in saying:
"Miley tried to apologize, saying she didn’t feel her comments were overly critical or negative. But when she defended herself by telling Justin he really needs to get his act together before he implodes, he exploded – and hung up. Now he’s telling his peeps, 'I hate her!'" 
Miley was only trying to advice him but clearly he took offence to her advices.

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