Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Justin Bieber Could Be Deported Out Of The US After All

As we told you last month about the petition that was created on the White Houses website asking for Justin Bieber to be deported out of the US.
It was looking very unlikely that he will be deported but now it’s looking like he may be if he’s charged and convicted of vandalizing his neighbor with a carton of eggs, officials think that that maybe enough to kick the singer out of the US!
Justin is from Canada and is a canadian citizen and is only allowed to live in America because he has a work visa.
But that’s not it because the .A. Sheriff’s department want to fine Bieber $20K for FELONY vandalism.
It’s not the best of times for Bieber but at the end of the day it’s all his fault.
Could we see him being quicker out of the US anytime soon??
What do you think.

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