Thursday, 13 February 2014

Jennifer Saunders Says She Was ‘Rather Shoot Herself Than Watch Made In Chelsea'

It’s one of the most popular reality show on the TV but one person who’s clearly not a fan is Jennifer Saunders.
The actress has been airing her thoughts on the Made In Chelsea and said that she would ‘rather shoot herself than watch it’.
She also branded reality show like Made In Chelsea and The Only Way Is Essex as “despicable".
Talking to the Radio Times Saunders admitted:
"I would rather shoot myself than watch either [show],"
"I find them both horrid. The way those programmes make people behave is despicable."

 "The whole conceit that it's real life is, by any stretch of the imagination, ridiculous."
 Over the last few years reality show viewings have boomed because at the moment they are the most watched thing on the TV.
So it looks like we won’t be seeing Jennifer down at the Sugar Hut anytime soon.

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