Friday, 28 February 2014

ITV’s New Comedy Show Edge of Heaven Gets Lowest Ratings On Record And Get’s Slammed By The Critics!

It’s ITV’s new baby but sadly Edge Of Heaven has failed to pull the ratings in.
The show is set in a eighties-themed B&B in Margate and is about a family who run the B&B and in the first episode what aired last Friday viewers saw The Inbetweeners star Blake Harrison get married to his girlfriend in the show but she decided no to go though with the wedding.
The show received 2.7 million views and this is the lowest ratings that ITV have received at 9pm according to sources.
Critics have slammed the show as The Telegraph said:
 ‘The comedy in Edge of Heaven was unapologetically no-brow, so you might reasonably have expected it to be accompanied by an old school tumult of artificial guffaws. Instead, the gags hung in an eerie silence.’
A to of viewers didn’t like the show as some users tweeted:
#edgeofheaven absolutely diabolically bad
@itv instead of that rubbish #edgeofheaven why don't u put the 2nd season of #theamericans on or bring back #vicious
One user said:
#edgeofheaven gave it a go, didn't laugh once.Only redeeming quality is how hot @louisalytton is. Gorgeous. Should not be called a comedy.
Well that's an hour of my life i'll never get back............ #EdgeOfHeaven
We have to say the show was a little cheesy but we got into it by the end.
Maybe viewers will like the seres even more and the series aires.
[Photo Via: ITV]

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