Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Honey Boo Boo’s Sister Pumpkin Rushed Back To Hospital Following Car Crash!

Last night Honey Boo Boo’s sister Pumpkin was rushed to hospital again due to complications after her and her family had a car crash a few weeks back.
The in the early hours of this morning Pumpkin’s mum June gave a statement on Facebook on her condition:
“Well we r back at the hospital with pumpkin with complication s from the car wreck that was 6 wks…we have a time with good days and a lot of bad days lately and tonight was very scary for me as a mom as we was driving down the highway after dinner pumpkin was in the back having a bad headache like she has had for the past 6 wk then the shooting pains starting got nausea but that's been normally happening over the 6 wks then all the sudden she was like I'm about to pass out then a few mins later she did was in and out as we rushed her to the hospital she has had a lot of test ran we r waiting on the results to see if we stay or go home this as a mom has been very scary with all this but I believe one day she will b better I just wish I had a special med they could give her to make her better as she is still very agitated and wanting to b better herself …I will tell I can't tell y'all how many as a monk I wish this was happening to me cause its been a emotional rollcoaster for us all but we appreciate all the thoughts prayer and get wells y'all have posted y'all r awesome fans and we really appreciate and love all of y'all for loving our crazy family” 
The later on Pumpkin was released from hospital and June took to Facebook again to inform fans:
“Well just to let everyone know we r out of hospital pumpkin is still weak in a lot of pain but resting going to doc tomorrow to figure out a new plan with all this we want to thanks everyone for the thoughts prayers text post on here it means a lot to us ….” 
The last few weeks have been really tough for Pumpkin she’s been so ill after the crash.
Just hope she’s on the mend now!

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