Thursday, 13 February 2014

Holly Willoughby Admits She Feels Like Kate Middleton As She Wears £1Million Pounds Worth Of Diamonds On This Morning

She may look a million dollars most days but today on This Morning Holly Willoughby was draped in diamonds.
The TV presenter was doing a segment on diamonds with her co-host Phillip Schofield when diamond’s expert Vashi Dominguez asked her if she would like to wear the diamond rings,necklace and bracelet.
The amount of money that all the diamonds she had on was over £1 million pounds and Holly admitted that she get like Kate Middleton.
Holly said:
"Oh my goodness, I feel like Princess Catherine,"
"Oh wow look at it shine"
"I'm never taking them off. Can I keep them?"
Phillip then joked and said:
"Keep a careful eye on her now,"
Holly then joked and ran off the set lol.
Then after trying to get the bracelet off in the add break they struggled to undo the beautiful bracelet and she had to present the next item with it on but luckily got it off half way though.

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