Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Demi Lovato Is Poorly!

Demi Lovato is just a week into her Neon Lights tour and it already looks like she’s going to have to cancel a show as she has become unwell.
The singer has tweeted to her fans saying how unwell she is and has been having Chicken soup and inhaling steam.
She tweeted:
“Nooooooo!!! I just woke up sick!!! Chicken noodle soup and hot tea please…. Baby Jesus. I’m not sure what’s worse – chills while taking a hot shower or body aches while laying dow.
The a few hour slater she took to the social networking site again and tweeted:
“I don’t wanna be sick anymore… I wanna hit the gym or something productive!!!!… I’m so excited for Grand Prairie, TX… So many friends and family coming!!!!! Doing everything I possibly can to get better by… Humidifier, Thera Flu and steam inhaler!!!” 
Hopefully she will get well soon and then she wont have to cancel any of her shows.

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