Friday, 21 February 2014

David McIntosh Talks About His Relationship With Kelly Brook And Says He Will Never Talk About Their Relationship

As we told you at the start of this week Kelly Brooke split up for her boyfriend of six weeks David Mcintosh had split up because he ‘liked the fame too much’ but now David has spoke out about his relationship.
According to the Daily Star a spokesperson for David has spoke on behalf of Mcintosh and said:
'David didn't give the interview recently, he gave it a month ago. He never wanted to make any comment about their relationship. He wanted to give an interview about his fitness career.
'He is popular in the US and has done lots of fashion shows. The newspaper wanted to talk about Kelly and he didn't want to and then the interview didn't go anywhere. 
'They've given the impression that it was done recently but he spoke to them a month ago. He'd never do that to someone he's in a relationship with.
'He's got a lot of respect for Kelly and didn't speak about Kelly in the interview in the first place. And he won't ever comment about their relationship.' 

The rep then carried on in saying:
'I thought we’d clicked. I didn’t ever want to jinx it by saying or doing too much.
'I would’ve liked things to develop further because I do like her. I’ve always fancied her', he said, before telling the newspaper he had never moved into her London home.
he says that he would have liked to ‘developed their relationship further’ more like become more famous.

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